About The 5th State of The Nation Address of Pres. Benigno Aquino III

The 2014 SONA does paint the status quo or current state of the Philippines. SONA is not allowed to be filled with lies. What has to be said is the truth only. Yes it showed how the Philippines improved throughout the year, but is it enough? We should be happy for our achievements but are our problems all gone. Lets not think that were doing fine and theres no room for improvement since we’ve improved so well based on the 2014 SONA. Yes it states facts, but was everything really mentioned in the speech or was it sugar quoted. Did they hide all the bad news and mistakes they’ve made and only decided to show the good news? So yes it is the truth but maybe not everything.

The issue about the rice hoarders interests me the most. This not just happening with rice in the Philippines also with garlic and other crops as well. People would hide and hoard these crops until the supply is low enough to cause an increase in the price. When the price has increased then the people would slowly sell and make available these rice but now in much higher value. The president proposed his plan to stop this and it was to import rice from other countries. We will import enough rice until the supply is high enough to cause a decrease in value causing the hoarders to have no more point in hoarding. Most hoarders would think no, they can’t stop us. But the way Pres. Aquino handled and threatened the hoarders was in a very leader manner. I hope his plan will work so that Filipinos everywhere will have an easier access to buying rice.

President Aquino indeed spoke an exemplary report. He was able to state the problems in the country and his solution for it and how the current progress of the problem is. Yes it was compelling. Who wouldn’t want to hear the achievements of their own country and the fact that our president is a good one because he was able to solve problems rather that create more.

I just thought that why didn’t he mention about the pork barrel issue. It is a trending topic in the country and not once did he mention it. And he also has been ignoring it but I think the pork barrel scam is one of the main problems of the Philippines and the Filipinos as well.

My mom was very impressed by the videos shown of the students who were able to graduate and work through TESDA. She said that its causing a change in mindset and lifestyle of a student. From a student who can’t afford and only dreamt of studying to actually studying through the TESDA scholarships. TESDA also helps them get into jobs in order for them to make money on their own. I share a mutual feeling about it. I’m very blessed for the education I have and would love if everyone can experience it too because everyone really deserves and has a right to good education.





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