A Glossary of Igbo Words

1. ndicbie
– elders

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for ndicbie, so let us give thanks by showing respect.

2. iba
– fever

The nurse said you may not come to school tomorrow because you might infect your classmates with iba.

3. efukfu
– worthless man

Choose your friends wisely by avoiding an efukfu.

4. nno
– welcome

Children should never lose the practice of saying nno to people they meet.

5. kwenu
– a shout of approval and greeting

Everytime I ask if my friends want pizza, I always get kwenu in return.

6. ochu
– murder or man slaughter

I still can’t swallow the fact that my friend committed ochu.

7. inyanga
– showing off, bragging

He never gets tired of making inyanga with his new shoes.

8. uli
– a dye used by women for drawing patterns on the skin

I wonder how they make uli.

9. tufia
– a curse or an oath

I don’t believe the existence of tufia.

10. obodo dike
– the land of the brave

One day, I will finally set foot in obodo dike.


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