Finally, I See

One night I was walking out in the streets looking for something extraordinary. I had no expectations since I’ve never been amused. I have been doing this since the first time I opened my eyes. Ouch! I tripped and scratched my knees and palm causing me to fall to the side of the street. When a car came honking and the driver kept screaming, “Hey, hey, move!” I quickly struggled to get up and get out of the way. Wow, how could this night get any better. Of course I got curious of what caused me this life or death moment. I opened my phone, activated the flashlight and pointed it on what seemed like a pair of binoculars. I whispered, “thank you very much for killing me.” I picked it up and wiped the lens. Woah, it was clear as my prescription glasses! I decided to keep it. I tried it and the first thing I saw was a tree. I zoomed in and saw a little bird trying to fly as its mother guides it. I never met my mother but my father always said I was just like her. Sometimes I think I’m doing this with the hope that one day a woman I’ve never seen before will come rushing to me with open arms. And she might be the one I’ll finally call “mom.” Remembering the thought of my mother, that I never had one made me upset. I walked back to our house since it was getting dark. I sat down in the grass in front of our gate. I took a peep in the binoculars once more and this time I was shocked and stunned. I saw a little girl throwing away all her food from the 2nd floor window of her house. I was sad and disappointed as I was thinking why would she waste her food like that when that is a blessing that has been given to her. She should be grateful, hundred of thousands of people could only dream to eat three times a day. I zoomed out the binoculars and lowered it as well. This time I was even more shocked with what I saw. Stray dogs and cats suddenly appeared out of the dark and started eating from the leftovers of the child. I suddenly felt something indescribable in my stomach. I stood up and realized that you can’t fully understand something with just a quick glance. I walked back to the house and my father asked me if my search was any success and I didn’t even make eye contact. I was walking to my room when I looked back at my father and just said, “I was able to see the big picture by looking more closely.”


Save The Schoolchildren Instead

Recently, I read an article entitled, “Filipinos: Think, Think, THINK!!” It was written by an American named Nathan Allen. He devoted a year of his life to live in and study about the Philippine culture and people then write an article about his experiences and discoveries during his stay. In said article, he mentioned four important details he wanted to bring emphasis to. First one is “CONSUMERS AND COPYCATS.” It simply states how Filipinos are capable of innovating instead of copying. Secondly, “LIFT YOURSELF UP, BUT DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE.” It says how Filipinos shouldn’t be worshipping USA in everything because even they are not perfect and they also are imperfect. Thirdly, “Truly the Pearl of The Orient Seas.” The last one is, “The ‘Crab Mentality’ – Is It Helpful?” “Lift each other up, don’t pull each other down,” a quote from the article.

According to the poem “A Way to Kill Schoolchildren” by Victorio N. Sugbo, fairytales put to death young schoolchildren. I absolutely agree about the message the poem is trying to convey. Aren’t fairytales fabricated stories intended to deceive and show ideal issues and outcome in life. What could be going on in children’s minds as they hear these stories? Do they believe, understand, or do they think its easier to acquire success in life. Since fairytales show that finding a prince, knowing their purpose in life and defeating the villain are effortless. And who is the real villain in life, is it a witch or perhaps an evil queen? A portion of the poem says, “If they look wide-eyed, it is not out of wonder. They cannot think beyond listening, the gnawing at their stomachs.” And who are usually told fairytales, it’s young children, right? Why would universities tell such stories, its more appropriate if it is taught in kindergarten. For instance, will they think it’s okay to talk to strangers because Snow White did with the seven dwarves, or maybe they will be too scared to talk to anyone having the fear that they may be a wolf impersonating someone because of Little Red Riding Hood? As kids they have low attention span and they’re bound to misinterpret some details. As Filipinos, do we see the truth behind everything we read? I saw a site saying, “The international community has pledged to assist the Philippines as it struggles to address the devastation caused by super Typhoon Yolanda (international codename: Haiyan).” Is it good news that are fellow countries are helping us? In my opinion I am ashamed. We have already foreseen a typhoon so strong it was titled “one of the strongest storms in history.” What was going on in the government’s mind, were they thinking about how to be prepared for such tragedy or were they thinking of what new car they will buy with the loads of donations that will be given? Look around the Philippines, you’ll see tons of names of politicians bragging about a minor thing they’ve done. We the next generation still has a chance to give the generation after us a better future.

In the article he started with, “Filipinos: I am asking you to think MORE.” I agree to that since you have to put thought into everyday encounters in order to understand and not misinterpret anything. Just like what is meant in the poem, kids don’t understand because they don’t analyse everything they hear especially if they are distracted. What is the solution to this problem? According to the poem, the wrong thing to do is to feed these children with whatever they want in order for them to act or pretend like they’re listening and understanding what is being told to them. The article ended with, “Oh! One more thing. If you work in government, do not EVER forget about your responsibility to represent the PEOPLE – a people and a culture with a lot to offer the world. YOU represent them on the world’s stage. DO NOT let them down.” That is correct, it is a nation you represent to the whole world, it is up to them what they want other countries to think of us. As a person of authority they should not just think of themselves but everyone including the elderlies, working people, youth and the generations to come. We want to mold the Filipinos with a strong foundation. We need to start setting the bar higher. And by that we want children to be more advanced and prepared when they grow up so that young as they are, they are equipped. The school community should be training the children for the real battle and real challenges of reality, in the same way the government should be a good example to fellow Filipinos and to the rest of the world.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”- Dr. Seuss

Click to read poem ——> A Way to Kill Schoolchildren by Victorio Sugbo

Click to read article ——> Nathan Allen

Flappy Bird Craze

A new app called Flappy Bird is now everyone’s addiction. It’s crazy how simple yet addicting the game is. There is no complications all you have to do is control the bird to go through the pipe-like whatever. It’s definitely a temper test. When I started playing that, maybe in my first ten games I got zero, but now my high score is 16 and it’s so pitiful. I get how irritating the game is, how you want to delete the app but can’t. You get that feeling like you want to punch a wall all throw your phone and watch it break and fall into pieces. Taking breaks is a must when playing Flappy Bird, especially when you are consistently losing. It’s more of a stress maker than reliever. One way or another even if you say you will not play, you will eventually become curious enough to play. Enjoy for those who have been playing and good luck to those otherwise.


I can honestly say that T.Dave was the best math teacher ever. I’ve been in Meridian for 10 years now. I’ve encountered lots of math teachers and he one of the nicest. T.Dave never once left us hanging in a lesson. He is also the most patient teacher ever, no wonder he’s being recruited in a German school to be a supervisor. I will never forget what he did for us. I will never forget our last day with him. 2 days before he leaves we’ve been planning already our celebration. When Teacher Dave came in the classroom, Michaela pretended to cry because of a fight she had with Abay. Teacher Dave went after Abay in the comfort room because Abay was faking a tantrum. While he was away we set up two big cakes, six cupcakes, a teddy bear and a thank you letter. We also wrote some messages in the whiteboard. After eating cake, we’ve decided to recite our poem for him by Vien. After that, we made teacher sing for us since we knew he had an amazing voice and he really did have one. Then we thought to play musical chairs but instead we just formed our chairs in one big circle and one by one we said our goodbyes. This is where we cried. I think all girls cried hard. We were all sad as each one of us finish our message teacher would hug us. After everyone spoke and we were all crying teacher decided to talk and even he cried too, so it lead us to cry even more. Before the class ended teacher invited us to have lunch with him. Immediately after English class we took our lunch boxes, ran downstairs, fixed the table and left one chair in the middle for teacher Dave. We each had our stories to tell. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I guess people really do come and go.

I’ve Been Locked Out of Spanish Class for Too Looooooong

Last Thursday, profe gave us 2 mins to go to the comfort room and when we came back, she locked the door. It’s not our fault we only have two bathrooms, and we even have to go down one flight of stairs. at first we sat in the corridor, but we got extremely bored so we went down the stairs to the left and crossed the corridor and went up the other stairs and went inside the Namwaran classroom. But we actually considered crawling! We we’re locked out for the whole session and we did not want to sit there. it was cold in their classroom. We even made our own version of Minute to Win It! It was a loss not having to have that session but I guess it happened and I learned my lesson. 


On top of homeworks, there’s term papers, blogs, essays, projects and crazy long quizzes. I really miss the time I can sleep early. It’s the third period and there’s no more chance to pull up our grades if we don’t do well this period. My everyday routine doesn’t change. When I get home, I go straight to my phone and check my notifications and ask my classmates the homeworks just to make sure I won’t miss anything, then I take a bath. At 5:30 I start with my homeworks. It’s crazy you might think I’m overacting but I’m not, I really take 1 hr minimum on each homework. I’ll admit, I’m a slow slow worker but I always accomplish all my tasks. I finish homeworks at about 9:00pm. Then, I eat dinner. I don’t know why but I can’t eat knowing I have unfinished work. Aside from homework I still need to study for quizzes and new lessons. That would be around until 11:00pm-12:00am. Then I sleep and still have to wake up very early in the morning since our house is pretty far away from school. Every single morning it’s a struggle waking up. I’m always late. Even my teachers complained to my mom in the PTC that I’m late almost everyday. I can’t help it. After taking a bath I get a little energy. I only eat apples for breakfast everyday. In the car I get sleepy again. Why I always go to the comfort room in all transitions from one subject to another is because I need to wash my face to keep myself awake. Frankly, majority of classes are super boring. If it wasn’t for me being in the front row and near the teacher I would have been sleeping already. Especially it’s so cold and when the lights are turned off. I realized I can’t escape from this and it’s just my first year in high school! I have the weekends to rest but unfortunately we still have schoolwork to do. Little by little I’m learning to control my sleepiness and hide it.


There are so many types of braids. The most simple type is the one where you have three different groups of hair and you just take turns putting the the ones in the side to the middle. A more complex braid is the French braid. You also start with three but only a part of your hair and in every twist you have to get new strands of hair from the sides if you repeat it continuously until there’s no more left, it is done. The fishtail braid is also very hard, and it looks like your hair is going inside. The french twist is just like the French braid but you don’t divide your hair but simply twist it. The waterfall braid is so beautiful. It literally looks like a waterfall! You can also combine braids with buns. It’s fun experimenting with hair! Braids are also commonly seen in movies such as The Hunger Games and Frozen!!!